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create incredible
moving images.

Content™ lets you create images, animations and GIFs you never thought you could. Add shapes, photos, videos, drawings and text to your canvas — then filter them, animate them, make them sparkle or spin or shake or wobble. All on your phone.

• apply dozens of filters to your photos or videos — blur, sharpen, negative, false color, cartoon, black-and-white, saturate, brightness, vignette, posterize and more
• animate objects with keyframes — drag along the Timeline and make changes to the scene at different points in time
• add text in dozens of rare fonts
• cut out the backgrounds of images using advanced computer vision tech
• apply static animations to any object — vibrate, spin, wobble, blink, pulse and more
• add photos from the camera, photo library or image search
• save your art as shareable photos, videos or GIFs